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Grace Under Pressure



Responding Faithfully to Stress


Christ's words at his crucifixion are an important and iconic point in the Bible where He shows grace and love, even while dying on the cross. But, in your life, it can be difficult to find grace in stressful situations. As sinful humans, we act ungraceful when stress, anxiety, and difficult times come around.

We could all use more Christlike grace. 

Study Christ's words on the cross to see how you can have more Christlike grace in your life. Start by understanding what the four dimensions of grace are in the Bible: Common, Saving, Sanctifying, and Sustaining. Then, study seven different quotes from Christ on the cross to see what He teaches in these moments, and how you can apply them to your life. 

Let me know if you wish to participate so we have the book for you. Cost of book is $15.00. Please read and be prepared to discuss the assignment for each session. Each session begins at 6:30 PM Thanks.


Sept. 7             Part 1 through chapter 2

Sept 14            Chapters 3-4

Sept 21            Part 2 through chapter 6
Sept 28            Chapters 7-8
Oct 5               Chapters 9-10

Oct 12             Chapter 11 and Conclusion