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Study on the Book of Romans. Deacon intern Robin Friesheim leading class. 


Romans summarizes a quarter century of Paul’s missionary preaching and teaching. It was written from Corinth at the end of Paul’s third missionary journey, around AD 55-57. Paul wrote to the Romans the key aspects of the Gospel of God’s mercy in Jesus Christ. Indeed, this explains why Romans is more comprehensive than Paul’s other letters.


Luther on Romans: In this epistle we thus find most abundantly the things that a Christian ought to know, namely, what is law, gospel, sin, punishment, grace, faith, righteousness, Christ, God, good works, love, hope, and the cross; and also how we are to conduct ourselves toward everyone, be he righteous or sinner, strong or weak, friend of foe—even towards our own selves.


Starting Wednesday April 20 at 6:30pm to 7:30pm we will cover this book. There will be 13 lessons. Come and join us on this journey with Paul.