Welcome to St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone

We invite you to visit with us - all are welcome! We proclaim a belief in the triune God and share God's love with one another, in the community and in the world. St. Timothy offers opportunities for Worship, Bible studies, fellowship and projects to help others in the Hyde Park area.


Pastor Wayne Olson

Who We Are

We are a small and active congregation eager to welcome you to the family of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We offer a tranquil sanctuary nestled in a woodland setting that is conducive to a comfortable worship experience away from the activities and stresses found in work and everyday life. Enjoy air-conditioning during the summer months.


Sunday Adult Bible Class begins at 9am. Divine Worship Service with Communion begins at 10am.

Wednesday Bible Classes at 2:30p and at 6:30p. (Check Worship page for exceptions and current schedules) All welcome.

Interested in becoming a member? See Pastor Wayne.


Verse of the Week

Matthew 7:8
    For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.   - ESV  

God's Hand Leading Martin Luther - by Rev. Wayne Olson

21 May through 19 November Pastor Olson provides weekly information about the life and work of Martin Luther.


Nov. 12: I am weak, I cannot go on


Luther’s health was weak and had been deteriorating from 1531 until 1546. The last words of Luther’s final lecture at Wittenberg University were. “I am weak, I cannot go on.” On January 17, 1546 Luther visited his birthplace Eisleben. He preached his last sermon on February 14 in Eisleben and died on the 18th. His body was returned to Wittenberg and on February 22 and it was laid to rest in the Castle Church. God had led him through his life giving us the reformation. For that we can thank God.


Check the News and Events page for calendar listing of parish events. (Printable)


A variety of Homemade Soups available for take-out on 2 December, 6 January, 3 February, and 3 March. 10a - 11:30a. Lower level of church. Suggested donations posted. Invite family and friends.


 RB-500! Read the Bible in two years with insights provided by Atlantic District Pastors. Go to www.Lutherantools.org to get started. The website will provide various ways for you to participate.

Mid-Week Bible Classes Wednesdays at 2:30p and 6:30p in Pastor's Office. All welcome to join at any time.

A labeled box is located on the shelf above the coat rack for an ongoing donation of used eyeglasses.

We continue to collect stamps too - an open envelope is located on the bulletin board for your donations. Leave at least 1/8" border around the cancelled stamps. We do not need nonprofit stamps. Flag and Bell stamps are also excluded for collection. See Julia A. if you have any questions.


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