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Wednesday Schedule


4:45p Confirmation - Next Class 16 September at church


6:30p Bible Study on the Book of Lamentations - church & zoom


LAMENTATIONS - Doom and Hope

Luther on Lamentations. “Sobs and complaints of this kind are usually uttered by those who struggle with unbelief and despair and cannot buoy up their heart or lay hold of any hope of salvation.” Yet Luther also acknowledges that Jeremiah prophesized for 40 years to wicked people who always wanted to kill him. Worse he had to experience and see with his own eyes the fulfillment of his prophecy, how the land was destroyed, and the people carried away captive, amid great misery and bloodshed. Lamentations consists of five poems which we will study.

We will meet Wednesdays at 6:30 PM from September 16th through October 14th.


September 16    How Lonely Sits the City
September 23    The Lord has Destroyed Without Pity
September 30    Great is Your Faithfulness
October        7     The Holy Stones Lie Scattered
October       14    Restore Us to Yourself, O Lord