Worship and Education


Sunday Adult Bible Studies - Beyond the Sermon - 9a (Pastor's Office. Morning coffee available)

Wednesday Adult Bible Studies - 6:30p. Various topics.





SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE AT 10am - Lutheran Service Book - Setting Three



The Reason I Believe

In The Reason I Believe, Allen Quist returns to a basic fact-based defense of Christianity. In doing so, he offers a wealth of compelling evidence for the truthfulness of Christianity, including the existence of God, the reliability of Scripture, and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Quist also presents a biblical response to the problem of evil and the scientific issues with Darwinism, equipping Christians to confidently respond to these common objections to their faith.

After reading The Reason I Believe, Christians and skeptics alike will better understand why Christianity requires faith—just not a blind leap of faith.
The Reason I Believe will give you great insight as to why we can fully trust and believe what Scripture tells us. If you wish to begin this in the new year and don’t have the book, the suggested donation is $15.00, please request your copy prior to the first discussion session.


We will meet Wednesdays at 6:30 PM from January 3, 2018 through February 7, 2018 and then take a break during Lent. We will resume the book after Easter.



God is Love

John’s first letter is a letter that Luther commented is an apostolic epistle and ought to follow right after his gospel. In this letter John will focus on faith and oppose those who introduce false teaching. While he does describe the necessity of good works for the faithful he does so by stimulating us to love, even as God has loved us. In this letter he also speaks against the spirit of Antichrist, the false teachings that were being introduced to the church. 1 John will therefore be the topic during the five weeks of Lent.

Worship at 2:30 and 6:30 PM except as noted for Holy Week.


Shrove Tuesday            “7 PM Pancake Dinner”    - Feb 13

Ash Wednesday            “2:30 and 7pm, Ashes & Divine Service”        - Feb. 14

Lent 1                              “Our Walk with God”        - Feb. 21
Lent 2                               “Christ our Advocate,
                                           Warning of Antichrists”     - Feb. 28
Lent 3                               “False Teachers,
                                            Love One Another”         - March 7
Lent 4                               “Test the Sprits,
                                           God is Love”            - March 14
Lent 5                              “Overcoming the World”    - March 21

Maundy Thursday          “2:30 and 7:00PM    -March 29

Good Friday                    “Chief Service at 2:30”    -March 30
                                          “Tenebrae Vespers at 7:00”    

                                           Easter Vigil    “8:00 PM”            - March 31