Worship and Education


Sunday Adult Bible Studies - Beyond the Sermon - 9a (Pastor's Office. Morning coffee available)

Wednesday Adult Bible Studies - 2:30p or 6:30p. Various topics.





SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE AT 10am - Lutheran Service Book - Setting Two



Wednesday Bible Study 2:30p or 6:30p - Study of Ezra and Nehemiah


Schedule of Topics:



12 September     The remnant return

19 September     Opposition to the rebuilding

26 September     Rebuilding Begins Anew/Temple dedicated

03 October           Ezra teaches the people/Levites in charge

10 October           Illegal marriages discovered and ended




17 October          Nehemiah's prayer and inspection of the walls

24 October           Rebuilding of the walls amidst opposition

07 November       Ezra helps teach God's Word, covenant renewed

14 November       Jerusalem repopulated, final reforms