Worship and Education


Sunday Adult Bible Studies - Beyond the Sermon - 9a (Pastor's Office. Morning coffee available)







SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE AT 10am - Lutheran Service Book - Setting One.



Mid-Week Bible Classes Wednesdays at 2:30p and 6:30p.




Isaiah’s Servant Songs

Isaiah was inspired to prophesy about coming events that Yahweh will employ to bring about salvation for the world. The prophet envisioned one Servant in particular who will set people free from sin. For all sinners that Servant will come in the person of the Suffering Servant. He will be Yahweh’s means of setting us free from iniquity, death, and Satan. This Servant will not just redeem Israel but will also bring salvation to the ends of the earth. He will lead us to the new creation, which will be his people’s home for eternity. Therefore, our Advent worship on Wednesdays at 2:30 and 6:30 will use Isaiah’s four Servant Songs.



November 29 “The Servant Makes Known the Verdict”                 


December 6    “The Servant Saves the Nations”


December 13 “The Servant is Vindicated”


December 20  “The Servant Suffers for Straying Sheep”


December 24 “The 4th Sunday of Advent” Worship at 10

                        “Christmas Eve”                   Worship at 7