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Wednesday Schedule


4:45p Confirmation - Next Class at church - Lesson 21



6:30p Bible Study on the Book of Zephaniah completed - Thank you Deacon in Study, Robin Friesheim


Haggai & Zachariah - Study Leader: Pastor Wayne

Restoration of a Promised Messiah


The Jews had lost hope following the Babylonian captivity as we have been studying in Lamentations. This study will focus on the prophets who urged the rebuilding of the Temple in spite of their loss of hope and the restoration of the theology of purification and sanctification through the promised Messiah. That makes this study especially appropriate during Advent and the days of Christmas. In fact, it will end on the 12th day of Christmas.


We will meet Wednesdays at 6:30 PM from November 18th through January 6th.


November 18    Haggai – Rebuilding the Temple

December  2    Zachariah – 3 Night Visions
December  9    Zachariah – 4 Night Vision
December 16   Zachariah -  Joshua rowned, Call to Justice
December 23   No Class during Christmas week
December 30   Zachariah -  Peace with Justice
January 06       Zachariah - Restoration and Salvation
January 13       Zachariah - Idolatry & The Lord's Coming